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postheadericon 3 best VR games for kids

Of course, the developers made sure that even small users could enjoy virtual reality games. They have a pleasant atmosphere. Many applications are not only entertaining, but also informative. According to John Favreau, it is important to create a comfortable atmosphere in VR content that would appeal to both adults and children. He tried to achieve this in his movie “Dwarfs and Goblins.” The main thing for the director is to make it so that viewers at any age can enjoy viewing. In this regard, he and his team took up the start menu, thanks to which the film can be calibrated in accordance with the user’s height.

1. Lucky’s Tale

Lucky’s Tale is an exciting platform adventure game designed exclusively for Oculus Rift. Join Lucky as he runs, jumps, scrambles, spins around a vibrant, colorful world filled with exciting challenges, crazy creatures and all the brilliant things a little fox could ever need!

2. TheBlu

Explore the underwater world and learn a lot about marine life in the game TheBlu, where the user is at the bottom of the ocean.

3. Adventure Time

The basis of the game Adventure Time put the plot of the cartoon “Adventure Time”. Gamers will need to confront the Magic Chela using the magic sword and Jake’s toughness.

postheadericon Finer Opportunities for the best Cloud Solutions Now

The topic of backup is important not only for beginners, but also for experienced users in this field. Why do we need to backup the site and what types of backup exist?

Backup solutions

Backup – create a copy of files and folders on additional storage media. Backup is done for data recovery in case the information is damaged or collapsed in the main storage location. Backing up is especially important if you have your own website hosted by your hosting provider. Backup serves as a kind of lifeline, in case of loss of important data.

What are the reasons why important data may be lost:

Server / computer crash Trust in a single device that stores information, in any case not necessary. With each can happen force majeure, because of which you can lose very important data, especially sad when they are stored in one copy.

Program failure

Because of such problems, important information may be deleted or damaged, which cannot be restored if there is no backup.

Intruders can specifically damage your data or steal it for later use. This is often done with the help of malicious programs that infect files, and fraudsters require a ransom to restore them. Antivirus in such cases is often powerless.

The user himself

Due to inexperience or haste, you may accidentally damage important documents / files for you. In such a case is useful backup, which will restore the lost data.

Full back up generally generally concerns the entire system and files completely. It can be held weekly, monthly or quarterly. Such a backup implies a complete copy of the original, regardless of the time and its changes. This method is the most reliable, although it is time consuming and takes longer than other types of backup. This type of backup is best performed at the weekend, when the load on the site is minimal. Full backup also requires large data storage. What are the advantages of this method: the ability to restore the system or the required fragment from almost zero in full. Keep your faith over the Best Cloud Solutions Company In Singapore in this process.

Differential backup — when using this backup method, every file that has been changed since the last full backup is copied again each time. This method greatly speeds up the recovery process. After all, you just need the latest full and last differential backup. This method is quite popular, because copies of files are made at certain points in time, and this is especially important in case of infection of the site with viruses. This copying can be done, for example, with the help of a special utility rdiff-backup. Differential backup saves only the information that has been changed since the previous full backup. This not only saves your time, but the disk space for storing such backups.

Incremental backup (Incremental backup) – involves copying only those files that have been changed since the last time you perform a full or incremental backup. This means that the next incremental backup adds only files that have been modified since the previous incremental backup. However, the data recovery process itself takes more time, because it is necessary to restore the data of the last full backup, in addition, the data of all subsequent backups. At the same time, changed or new files do not replace old ones, but are added to the media separately.

Backup by cloning – allows you to copy an entire partition or medium (device) with all files and directories to another partition or to another medium. If the partition is bootable, then the cloned partition will also be bootable.

Image backup is an exact copy of the entire partition or media (device) that is stored in one file. Backing up in real time allows you to create copies of data directories without rebooting.

Users often do not think about the need and importance of backup when it comes to recovering lost data. In 2015, an article was written about the most stupid user mistakes about backups (“ 11 Stupid Backup Strategies ”). So what kind of errors most often occur when it comes to backups?

The first and in fact the most significant mistake is the absence of backups . If you do not make backups at all and hope that everything will be all right, then sooner or later your data may not only suffer, but also be completely lost. Since the reasons for this are very different and I considered them at the beginning of the article.

Relying on data recovery services? There are special applications that allow you to recover lost information. But this option is suitable if you accidentally deleted a file and want to return it, and in the case of, for example, a fire or data theft, this method, alas, will not work.

No need to hope for autosave . In certain applications, there is an autosave feature. Quite often there are situations when users accidentally delete autosave files. Everyone knows that most backup systems assume that the user will at least save and name the file – after all, autosave is often turned on after this step.

You can not store all backups in one place on the same machine . If a meteorite falls on your home, you will lose all the backups that you have stored. But what is the probability that the same meteorite will fall on a data center in another city at the same time. Therefore, it is better to store backups remotely and if the data is very important, then in several places.

Programs for monitoring the operation of hard drives.More in the next article.

Only on-line backups? It is very important to have backup copies not only in cloud storages, but also on ordinary hard drives. After all, there are cases when the Internet may be absent or be very slow, and a copy of the data is needed right here and now. Then you will undoubtedly be useful to backup on a separate media, which can be used anytime.

Your web applications also need backups . Many of us use apps like Google Docs every day. But from time to time there are situations when important documents from the repository can disappear without the possibility of recovery. Therefore, if you store valuable information in such applications, it should also be backed up to a separate data store.

RAID and backup are not synonymous . About what RAID and their types , I wrote earlier. Therefore, please note that if you accidentally delete a file, it will be removed from both mirrored RAID drives. If a directory or file was damaged, a virus has penetrated to you, then it will equally affect both drives. If the array is stolen or damaged, the files will be completely lost. RAID protects your information only in case of failure of one of the hard drives. And a disk array is in no way a synonym for the word “backup”, which in any of the above cases will help to restore important information.

All types and methods of backup allow you to do the most important thing: to protect you from data loss and your site as a whole in case of force majeure situations. Please note that on our hosting rates , we do regular backups, and on VPS rates, you are responsible for backing up your information.

postheadericon The Perfect Air Comditioning Repair for You

Another important feature in selecting an air conditioner is the efficiency of the air conditioner. Efficiency is a very important parameter, because less efficient models lead to a higher electricity bill. Depending on the degree of efficiency, the air conditioners are:

Conventional – these air conditioners do not change the power they give

Inverter – These air conditioners change their power smoothly, allowing them to operate in optimal mode.

DC inverters – this is a variant of an inverter air conditioner whose compressor is very efficient, which is reflected in increasing the efficiency of the entire machine and reducing the consumption of electricity.

More tips on choosing an air conditioner:

Do not hire an air conditioner that calculates thermal power only based on square or cubic capacity in your home or office. The one who engages in delivery, assembly, and service must first calculate what power is needed for your needs based on a number of criteria. You should keep in mind that many of these criteria are set by regulatory measures and laws, others by the air conditioning manufacturer itself, others by simple physical laws. It is for these reasons that the person who came to the air-conditioning installation should collect all the necessary information by measuring the dimensions of all rooms to be air-conditioned. The skilled engineer will measure the floor, ceiling and walls, separately considering the squares of the southern and northern windows. It will also check the presence and type of building insulation, if any. With the best in aircon chemical wash the repairing oprtion will perfect now.

Do not be inclined to pay the lowest price

This is the best way to get an air conditioner that is not at all suitable for your needs and therefore could have without it. Rather, try to be practical and get the maximum quality and comfort that the goals for the respective price.

Try to look for a relatively high-efficiency air conditioner because the money you spend on the purchase is expected to come back in the form of electricity savings. Thanks to the good at aircon repair there stays no issues.

Another important feature of the air conditioner is that he has the ability to take the moisture from the room in the summer. Different brands and models have different options, and your installer should comply with room conditions in this respect. The feeling of warm and cold strongly depends on the humidity of the room and that is why it is very important whether in the summer your air conditioner manages to take the necessary amount of moisture. But this particularity depends heavily on the air conditioner itself.

postheadericon Apple Removing Misleading Apps

Apple appears to beacting against a number of apps with deceptive marketing practices aimed at tricking users into signing up for costly in-app subscriptions. Are you offering free trials? Do you need a trial offer merchant account to grow your business? This article will help you get the best one for your business needs.


Apple Cracking Down Apps: Trial Offer Merchant Account

Apple has begun taking systematic steps to combine through subscription apps on the App Store. Those that have potentially confusing terms of service are in the center of attention. Others, which are problematic, are being removed from the Store.


Specifically, Apple appears to be getting rid of apps that noticeably come with feature buttons for free trials. In fact, these free trials are going to turn into a costly recurring subscription after the end of the trial.


The free trial button used by apps is a common tactic to boost conversion rates. It was about a year ago when Apple started staying away from apps that weren’t compliant with Schedule 2, Section 3.8(b) of the Paid Applications Agreement. The latter is comprised of 37pages that app developers must agree before submittingan app. You can get the agreement via iTunes Connect in the form of downloadable PDF.


Now, neither QR Code Reader nor Weather Alarmscan be found on the US App Store.In fact, these aren’t the only removed apps. Apple’s Developer Guidelines section 3.1.2(a) states that apps, which try to trick users into buying a subscription under false pretenses or engage in bait-and-switch practices, will be deleted from the Store. Developer may get removed from the Apple Developer Program.


To get a reliable, affordable, and secure trial offer merchant account, it’s critical for merchants to work only with a respectable merchant account provider delivering the best services in the industry. A true professional will talk to you to get to know all the specifics concerning your business so to provide you with the right payment processing solutions available in the market.


Apple Getting Rid of “Scammy” Apps

Apple appears to automatically be removing lots of “non-big-name” apps, which feature high in-app subscription revenues.


The company is informing app developersabout the fact that theirauto-renewable subscriptions are being “marketed in a way that may get users confused about the subscription terms of pricing,” as you can read in section 3.1.2 ofthe App Store Review Guidelines.


Very often, “scammers” benefit from Apple’s subscription mechanism.The latter allows developers to offer free trials that automatically become monthly agreements. Particularly, dishonest developers are taking advantage of “dark patterns,” deceptive user interface elements done on purpose, and other tactics called to cause confusion or make convertible trial subscriptions “trustworthy.”


The efforts of Apple aimed at removing “scammy” apps associated with questionable pricing tactics that “attract” users towards expensive subscriptions state once again the importance of reliability and trustworthiness of payments you make and the companies you work with. So, take the time to study all your options well and only then make your final decision.



Author Bio: Electronic payments expert Blair Thomas is the co-founder of high risk payment processing company eMerchantBroker that offers exceptional merchant services, including a trial offer merchant account. He’s just as passionate about his business as he is with traveling and spending time with his dog Cooper.

postheadericon Why and How You Can Depend on the Customer Database Software Now

Keeping customers in your own business provides you with a profitable and secure business future, which you need to do is adapt to your client, taking into account his requirements. Employee and customer communication is supposed to be very important as it helps build a trustworthy, safe, serious, and open business image. In addition to this important aspect of communication, there are many other things that will be used to bring benefits over time we will outline some of them below. When you go for this customer database software then you will need the best deal here.

Here are some ways to help keep your customers in the company:

  • Always provide quality services for people to use trust and certainly your services
  • Make your loyal customers feel special and offer them a bonus when they do not expect or try to promise them a little and deliver more
  • Maintain regular contact with customers, informing them of a range of products or when new ones appear
  • Do your best to always keep products in stock so that those who want them do not lose interest in that
  • Offer customers a fidelity card in order to benefit from discounts
  • Adopts the CRM – Mafia Software to record as much detailed information about your customers in the database or to notify the customer automatically by e-mail, fax, and sums
  • Organizes events for active clients or campaigns to reactivate inactive customers
  • creates special offers on the occasion of some years of company activation, such as reducing certain products, offering free products to loyal customers or experimenting with certain products
  • Offers free information and advice on certain products, presents leaflets with them, and demonstrates products to convince and maintain customers.

A sales manager is an interesting and unusual profession that anyone can master: a student, a professor, a musician. However, not everyone is able to succeed in this niche. The success of a manager depends on personal qualities, talent to sell, and on the ownership of the accumulated client base. Such managers always remain on the crest of a wave.

Customer base the basis of successful sales

  • To have a structured list of contacts with addresses at hand, to quickly search through them, to know who should call today – this is the basis for successful sales.
  • Even if you have a small organization, now you should take care of the proper storage and renewal of contacts between enterprises and people.
  • Keeping a customer base should be easy.
  • Tool selection is an important step.

We needed the program to be so simple that from the first day a new employee could work in it so that in order to maintain the efficiency of the system and train managers it was not necessary to hire an individual employee. In addition, there was an urgent need to unite all customers into one common database so that all company employees could work with it from their computers.


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